Daniele Scerra is an Illustrator and 3D artist. His career starts in 1991 with the study of classic painting and continues at present time with the formation in digital field, working with international publishers and receiving several awards. His creation were included in prestigious publications like Spectrum and Exposé. Along the years he contributed also to cinematographic productions as TD in Character Animation field, Fx and Mattepainter.
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Mistress of Dragons Project Overview on 3dTotal
Cover art for the new fantasy novel written by Karl Guthorm "The Lord of the Ravens"
Rubina Winged Queen (Winged Queen Perseus)
This Card illustration is executed for the Applibot Game Galaxy Saga, a Sci-fi card-battle RPG for iPhone.
The Keystone
This is a Graphic novel project for iphone/ipad, a epic war in a universe with magic power and sci fi technology
Ghost force
Illustration executed for the Italian publisher Tea Libri, for the book "Ghost force" by Robinson Patrick.

The design comes from my illustration used for the poster and the animation of the "Virtuality Conference"
Inca Gold
Illustration executed for the Italian publisher Tea Libri, for the book "L'oro degli Inca" (Inca Gold) by Clive Cussler.